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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Core Member Jonathon Ashe Larcombe23/Male/United Kingdom Groups :iconsfcw-da: SFCW-DA
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I love reading my watchers comments no matter what.

Any user i know slightly who asks for my sheet will be politely denied..
Any Random person who asks for my sprite sheet will be also politely denied

Commision info

Commision Examples and Fees by JonicOokami7

Line Art + Colouring - 10 Points
Line Art + Colouring + Shading - 13 Points
Line Art + Colouring + Shading + Background - 15 points
Extra Characters - 6 Points each
Sprites - 4 Points


Since im lost for ideas and im still practising my tablet, which would you rather see in the mean time 

13 deviants said Nah its ok we can wait, take your time
6 deviants said De-Sonicfications of characters you missed (I.E Dimensia, Aequnum, Theta etc etc)
4 deviants said New Characters perhaps


It feels much more easier now that Jonic's going by his true name Airon in the reboot that i can keep his nickname to just being my internet handle so Airon - Character Jonic - Person
Sat Mar 5, 2016, 10:10 AM
Honestly Surprised no one has found the secret to Some things.... yet
Fri Jan 29, 2016, 8:28 AM
really wish i knew what to draw next. T_T
Thu Jan 21, 2016, 12:34 PM
or rather apologies for the triple posting
Sun Oct 11, 2015, 3:35 PM
Ignore the triple posting, DA gave me a huge conventional fuckup on uploading
Sun Oct 11, 2015, 3:35 PM
Getsya eretiem .w.
Mon Sep 28, 2015, 6:49 PM
That feeling you get when you've re-drawn the same character outline for 2 days straight and its still not perfect
Mon Sep 14, 2015, 10:06 AM
Its occurred to me that some faggots will just bash my my characters because they dont read anything besides the name.
Tue Jun 30, 2015, 8:18 AM
Ugh dont you hate artist block? sucks a big one doesnt it?
Fri May 15, 2015, 11:38 AM
Have alot of new ideas mostly around Nega and Darkness fans of these characters might like this.
Wed May 13, 2015, 9:45 AM


May 3, 2016
10:05 pm
May 2, 2016
4:23 pm
May 2, 2016
3:44 pm
May 2, 2016
1:46 pm
Apr 28, 2016
1:20 am


How well do you think you know me?

Set 1 
A - I don't Plan to Drink or Smoke
B - I've never seen an Indiana Jones movie
C - I enjoy cycling

Set 2 
A - One of my favourite past times is darts 
B - I hope to have a Tattoo someday
C - I live with a Dog 

Set 3 
A - I tend to keep my problems to myself a lot 
B - I don't like being in crowded places
C - I love Sweetcorn 

Set 4
A - I hope to leave the island and see places one day
B - My favourite Sonic character is Shadow 
C - I work in a Cafe 

Set 5 
A - Im easily scared
B - One of my Smash mains is Palutena 
C - Im actually quite forgiving 
  • Drinking: Irn Bru

Journal History


Empress of Dimension by JonicOokami7
Empress of Dimension
Since the beginning, in the void between all existences, she dwells, swooping through the vast depths of matter, where laws of life and gravity do not creep. Her power great, her meaning greater. She stands as one of the three powerful forces who descended on the birth of a world called, Novallia...

Empress Dimensia - The Empress of the Void -
A Powerful dragon who exists in the void existing longer then time itself, Dimensia dwells in the void seeking and revealing in walking into worlds and causing utter destruction with her sheer control over dimensional space, She is Confident Smug and slightly crazy, Her history claims that she once descended with two Goddesses to create the world of Novallia, While Dimensia prefers to let people figure the facts out themselves she feels great enjoyment in watching the chaos that occurs in the world of Airon and friends, someday willing to make her presence known and her power feared. Within the void Dimensia's power is almost godly being able to decimate a world just by destroying its "world hole" however.. She spends most of her time slumbering in this form, While she rarely goes to worlds. Should she do so Dimensia's body is affected greatly by the gravity transforming her into a much weaker yet able form*.  It is clear that this Dragonic Woman is one of the greatest threats that the Barrage Squad may face. 

*Sizes are not to scale 

Delays Delays Delays all around between art block and Digimon (mostly Tri and Cyber Sleuth, been considering picking up the Lupemon line and redesigning it while working on some more Fan Species ive been sketching) 

Dimensia was one of the hardest characters to De-Sonic and was even considered being dropped from the series as a whole due to it being difficult with not making her Old Design seem... less ridiculous in the new Less-Sonicy style. At one point i even considered having her land form be her only existing one because of it, but in the end i decided to work and brainstorm a bit more bringing me to what i have, taking inspiration from a certain "Sovergein" League Champion. 
Since im lost for ideas and im still practising my tablet, which would you rather see in the mean time
13 deviants said Nah its ok we can wait, take your time
6 deviants said De-Sonicfications of characters you missed (I.E Dimensia, Aequnum, Theta etc etc)
4 deviants said New Characters perhaps
Novayen Female Sketch by JonicOokami7
Novayen Female Sketch
A by hand sketch of a Novayen (essentially the inhabbitants of the new Barrage Squad lore besides humans), this isnt going to be a character im planning to use in the cast, more of a sketch of an old character in the new style.
One of my biggest concerns of the Novayen body style is the head size and will try to make size adjustments in future designs be it the Old way or with the possible future use of Tablet.  
Considering a Hiatus due to me being unsure on what to do next since ive revealed and De-Sonic'ed the characters that matter. Probably to refine my skills with the tablet 
Human Doodle Sketch by JonicOokami7
Human Doodle Sketch
bit of a practice doodle on my newer art tablet, unfortunatly im having trouble with Airon and friends on it, so im going to have to stick to the old method until i can do it


Jonathon Ashe Larcombe
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
just a guy with a love for irn bru
with ideas

I.B.S (Original)
Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze the ookami* - the main guy
Jacob the pikachu - his first pokemon pal
Nega C Payne - the brainy and brawny austrailian bandicoot
Optimus Twat Kiefer - the pervert who is misunderstood and always comically beaten
Clair Nightcutter - Jonic's dedicated cousin and Nega's lovely wife
Yuri Violet - Jonic's Ex girlfriend
Lydia Hikarikaze -Jonic's older sister
Aequnum: the balance between Jonic and Oblivion
Breaker Earthsoul - Renowned Veteran R.I.P
NCP02 "Beta" - The second Soundroid created by Nega

Oblivion Yamikaze- Jonic's worst enemy and dark counterpart
Doctor Edgar Cyrex - the derranged mutant creator
Bios 1 2 & 3 - Cold genetic killers. first two were destroyed and the third is still young and learning
Darkness the hedgehog - a former member of the I.B.S and Corruption demon from the waterian planet
Laufeia Yamiborn - Created by Yami's darkness using Yuri's body as a base.
Yuritwo the Altered Clone - A Cyrexian clone made from Yuri's D.N.A mixed with Lustwaterian D.N.A
Empress Dimensia - A Dimensional Dragon who resides in the void.

Aequnum the Ookami - The balanced part of Jonic and Oblivion
Karen Knight the Badger - An old veteran of the Vita Nova Institute

I.B.S 3000
NCPXP Theta - the last Soundroid* built by Nega C Payne
Heiner Sterncroft the Tiger - A former Marine and leader of the new I.B.S
Karei Gallen the Fox - A Technical wizz and daughter of Prof. Pere Gallen
P.I.P.S.L.E - Karei's robotic pet and great asset to the team

Mechanigan - A mysterious rouge mechanoid

* Ookami - Race of wolves created by the sun goddess Amaterasu they are a peaceful race who worship the goddess and they're relic the Sword of Shiranui. An Ookami has body marking's like the goddess and are known for using their spirits and auras a type of attack energy which in turn can be used for Elemental attacks/Magic

Soundroid -
Androids built by Nega C Payne, they can use sounds and music for combat only 11 models exist.

After the day of Cyrex Ookami have become endangered and very rare.
Character Birthdates -
Jonic - 19th Marth - Pisces
Jacob 7th Febuary - Aquarius
Nega - 10th May - Taurus
Optimus - 13th April - Aries
Lydia - 14th June - Gemini
Clair - 3rd January - Capricorn
Yuri - 12th December - Sagittarius
Oblivion - 28th March - Aries (Technically)
Laufeia - 1st November - Scorpio (Technically)
Cyrex - ??
Yuritwo - N/A (Date of Creation unknown)
Bios03 - N/A (Date of Creation unknown)
Darkness - 11th October - Libra
Aequnum - 21st March - Aries (Technically)
Breaker - 9th July- Cancer
Beta - DOC - 24th January
Dimensia - N/A
Karen - N/A

Youtube - Jonicthedgehog / Shoutparty
Sonic Fan Character Wiki - JonicOokami7…
Steam - Jonicwindthief7
Skype - Jonicthehedgehog1
Twitter - JonicOokami7
Facebook - Jonathan Ashe Larcombe…
Ask.FM - JonicOokami7

SFCW Pages -………………………

Races -…
Places -…

:icondmetrius96: - Inspiration Close friend and Shoutparty Head
:iconpurecosmicocean: - Love of my life before, yet our paths split and led to part
:iconshadowblazelover: - A girl with a good head on her shoulders and talent
:iconcross-roads-kelly: - difficulties and tension between us, but memories are strong

:icontherealmetalman: - A Loveable nutter
:iconcrusherkitty: - Always there for a laugh
:iconsigmaalphathree: - Like a Little sister to me

157 - Typhlosion by PokeStampsDex


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