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I love reading my watchers comments no matter what.

Any user i know slightly who asks for my sheet will be politely denied..
Any Random person who asks for my sprite sheet will be also politely denied

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Commision Examples and Fees by JonicOokami7

Line Art + Colouring - 10 Points
Line Art + Colouring + Shading - 13 Points
Line Art + Colouring + Shading + Background - 15 points
Extra Characters - 6 Points each
Sprites - 4 Points


If i were to get a large team (Spriters, Animators, Coders, Enemy design etc) Would you be interested in a true I.B.S RPG (Possibly Episodic to cover each character) 

7 deviants said Yes
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Its occurred to me that some faggots will just bash my my characters because they dont read anything besides the name.
Tue Jun 30, 2015, 8:18 AM
Ugh dont you hate artist block? sucks a big one doesnt it?
Fri May 15, 2015, 11:38 AM
Have alot of new ideas mostly around Nega and Darkness fans of these characters might like this.
Wed May 13, 2015, 9:45 AM
Its working lol
Wed Mar 18, 2015, 3:54 PM
Testing my new Shoutbox
Tue Mar 17, 2015, 8:08 AM


Aug 30, 2015
4:05 pm
Aug 29, 2015
4:33 pm
Aug 28, 2015
8:44 pm
Aug 28, 2015
8:10 pm
Aug 26, 2015
8:53 am


While it has been a pretty long and hard road for me and others around me. Ive been doing my best to carry on with all i can be it with Artwork and my time at the SFCW.

While in the past i may have been overconfident and one track minded only focusing on being noticed with my work. I feel that this side of me was definitely not the best.

In short i wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to look at my work and occasionally fave it. my characters and stories have a huge place in my heart for 7 or 8 years and while there are no doubt better designs and worked on characters i still feel grateful that people go out of there way to look. my fans and my heart mostly drive me to work which is why i work my fastest and hardest with a deadline.

I only hope someday i could meet and work ideas with others to build one great world together.
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Journal History


Elegant Moonlight by JonicOokami7
Elegant Moonlight
During a visit to a ball on her father's estate Yuri stood on the balcony under the graceful moon taking in the pure sky to take in its great beauty during the night, While it was an exciting part downstairs featuring many friends of the Baron and even the rest of Yuri's I.B.S allies (including Optimus which is probably a bad sign), Yuri herself appreciated the calm atmosphere from this break of fighting and attacks from their common enemies of Cyrex and Oblivion, hoping to always have a chance to see it in the future, maybe even having Jonic with her.

The last piece of this month to round it off nicely, i intended to have this out yesterday but it wasnt finished due to me going from being a bit sick and busy. But i am glad i got it finished before the next month rolled over at least. 
Sonic Endless, A Creepypasta by JonicOokami7

I am what you call a very loyal gamer towards the classic franchises such as Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, and especially Sonic,
while many modern gamers scorn at such titles; in favor of more graphic and violent games such as Call of Duty and Dark Souls.

Ive always been pretty stuck to childhood classics.

As a huge Sonic fan, I look forward to playing every new release good or bad, despite the reviews of the public who usually dub a Sonic game terrible, because it did not meet up to their expectations.

I usually had little expectation to save any potential disappointment upon going into a new title and liked the games for what they are worth, however I feel that I can agree with some people that the franchise should cease and move on,
and not just because I feel it's lacking, not at all, It is because of something I witnessed and came to understand two days ago.

I was sitting at my laptop adjusting my Yu-Gi-Oh cards for a club I go to on monday's whilst watching a few videos on Youtube. Until I came across the official teaser for Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice.

While I played Shattered Crystal and was up to speed on the cartoon. I had little knowledge on the Wii U version due to lacking such a console, only the opinions of others filled me in, telling me that the game was worse than Sonic 2006,

I couldn't help but feel people were over exaggerating as usual, after all I am a part of the fanbase and know how my "kin" act.

Feeling intrigued by the teaser I wanted to play a Sonic game, since it's been quite a while due to my more busy life, I hardly ever get to play games nowadays and went to get a Genesis emulator and Rom of the original game, while I was able to get the emulator easy getting a rom for the original Sonic 1 was a task in itself due to many rom sites I went too were shut down due to copyright infringement which is a growing issue to play games at present.

Site after site I eventually began to become frustrated cursing under my breath until I soon came across a site that seemed a bit shady.

Knowing full well about malware and viruses from sites like this I hesitated until I came to acknowledge that my Anti Virus would handle any attempts of infection, I clicked the site...

Nothing wrong so far, my Anti Virus didn't notify me and instantly block the site so I shrugged it off and attempted to download the rom, same result as my Antivirus did not reject the download "It's probably safe" I thought to myself as I extracted the file and started up my emulator.

The game started up normally with the usual Sega logo and Sonic team text, When it reached the Title screen no music played, "A glitch" I thought whilst dreading the idea I would need to try to find a better working rom until Sonic appeared out of the title ring, his expression wasn't the usual smug and cocky persona he usually showed.. No it was depressed and lacking in energy.

I got angry and cursed loudly at the fact I got a hack instead of the
original game but I swallowed my pride and decided to try it out, hoping for a good trade off.

As I pressed start the game instantly threw me into the the first level with the title card saying "No More".."No more what?" I asked myself as the title card moved revealing the stage and to my surprise I saw Green Hill Zone in a different light.

Green Hill Zone was dead and lifeless, No it wasn't filled with blood or gore like some crappy ghost story, It was lifeless in a sense that nothing or nobody was living there to the point the hill was abandoned, the level was silent and lacked any BGM period.

I drew my gaze to Sonic.

Sonic himself stood quietly looking at the ground almost like he didn't have any vigor, just like in the title screen, I noted how bizarre this hack was and proceeded to move Sonic realising he didn't pick up any speed and only hobbled forward, at that point i noticed i was on zero lives which was impossible normally because the original Sonic game was one of those early games that would end if your life counter hit zero, instead of giving you one last chance.

The Zone itself was empty lacking any Badniks, rings or obstacles, the plant life was very still and had a colour palette to potentially imply they rotted away from neglect.

As I moved Sonic through the abandoned Green hill which was a time killer due to how slow he was moving i eventually came across my first trail of rings which were positioned in such a way they made out letters, words even.


I read this sentence and sat in thought to if there was some symbolism involved in this hack trying to give a message across, I moved Sonic past the trail to another set of rings forming a word.


Who was leaving this trail besides the hacker who made this game, Was this another one of those horror story fan games? Was it one of the other characters with a death wish? I really didn't know and had to keep moving to find out.

Suddenly I jumped as Sonic turned to look at me, I noted that this hack was acting like it was aware.. All though a part of me wondered if the game and its titular character was indeed trying to tell me something.

I gulped and continued to move Sonic to the next formation of Rings fearing what they will say next.


This concerned me to whom was saying these sentences and was half expecting a jumpscare at this point, only for the game to continue in its own definition of "Normal" I moved Sonic to the next ring sentence.


I started to get a big idea on who was saying all these messages, Sonic.. I knew that the series hasn't been doing terrifically well since Sonic Adventure 2, in some cases Sega were trying too hard to make the next best game but only to miss the fan's opinions, but was this just some trolls idea of a funny yet depressing bash or was it Sonic trying to send a message?..

As I proceed to move Sonic across the "Stage" the ring line up the messages became more and more depressing, the rings were forming sentences such as "I DON'T WANT THIS" and "LET MY LEGACY REST" to "NO MORE GAMES".

It was apparent that this was the cries of Sega's once fully successful and beloved mascot wanting his adventures to end so that people's memories of him would not become tarnished by every game that was to be poorly received due to high expectations that wouldn't be met and in the case of some of the games such as Sonic 06 and what i've heard about Rise of Lyric, poorly optimised games
that were rushed for the sake of christmas sales.

I was starting to feel depressed and kept trying to tell myself that this was a sick prank made by someone who looked down on the franchise and its fans, but alas my feeble mind believed in the paranormal.

Eventually I reached the supposed end of the stage that looked just like the Boss location for Green Hill, yet there was no sign of Doctor Robotnik/Eggman who would of course show up to challenge Sonic every end of the zone.

Yet why didn't he show up this time?.. Could the Doctor have also abandoned the Green Hill like every other living creatures to leave Sonic all alone?

Sonic slowly sat down in the dead center of the screen and slowly began to sob. He sobbed until he got up and ran to the right which led to a bottomless pit, He then did the usual death animation, nothing gory or demonic,
just the little sound effect with Sonic's dazed yet surprised face as he shot up and down.

The game then alerted me that it was a game over and reset through the exact same logos and title screen, I exited the game and began to summarize what i witnessed.

Sonic was trapped... Trapped in this eternal cycle game after game, Forced as Sega's little marketing gimmick to fill their pockets with cash.

The concept if you think about it deeply is sickening if you consider this an all too real interaction to reach out to a fan, akin to that of a defenseless bear forced by some sick bastard to perform for their own gain.

All that happened. The empty green hill, the messages, the suicide attempt. All symbolism to what Sonic wants but cannot have due to the fact that He is still alive because Sega wants him to be for monetary value.

I didn't tell anyone else this story because I knew no one would believe me if i tried, yet when i see a new Sonic Game or other media I sit and think about what I saw through that game and hope that Sonic would rest
one day...

The End
Sonic Endless (Creepypasta)
My first attempt at a Creepypasta due to reading and hearing a lot of them recently. 

I did my best to try and avoid many of the glaringly obvious Creepypasta cliches and stereotypes while trying to keep it believable at the same time. I hope you enjoy this tale i wrote. 

Note - I must stress that this fic is in no way intended to attack anyone i profusely apologize if it does come off on that way and i am currently doing my best to slightly revise it to soften up any potential offense 
Serpent Surprise by JonicOokami7
Serpent Surprise
Curse those Giant Cyrex Snakes always bursting out of the ground and surprising you. Oh well at least Jonic's fought enough to know how they act. 

This is mostly filler artwork due to lack of ideas recently while one idea was to try and feature a more alive and normal side to Jonic to make his reactions come off pretty normal in such a situation as depicted, the Cyrex Snake was used because i wanted a situation of a rising enemy popping out of the ground to result in Jonic accidently being perched on its head. 

At the time of scheduling this im considering taking a short break from artwork this week due to a shortage of ideas plus this Artwork every week thing is kind of wearing me down due to a lot of other things i'm doing 
Gravity Release by JonicOokami7
Gravity Release
While she is horribly powerful inside her domain of the Dimensional Core, If Dimensia is ever to come out into a world gravity will have a massive effect on her Body, her Power, and her Heart as when she enters a world she transforms into a weaker yet softer and lighter hearted form that helps her adapt to the change of gravity. 

Made as a different twist to Dimensia's power, originally she was never able to leave the void but this countermeasure was made to add some balance to her already high power and strengths, There are more ideas i have with this character and the lore around her that may or may not come in the future. 
Recently started playing Yu-Gi-Oh again. Both IRL and on YGO pro if anyone fancies a duel sometime give me a buzz


Jonathon Ashe Larcombe
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
just a guy with a love for irn bru
with ideas

I.B.S (Original)
Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze the ookami* - the main guy
Jacob the pikachu - his first pokemon pal
Nega C Payne - the brainy and brawny austrailian bandicoot
Optimus Twat Kiefer - the pervert who is misunderstood and always comically beaten
Clair Nightcutter - Jonic's dedicated cousin and Nega's lovely wife
Yuri Violet - Jonic's Ex girlfriend
Lydia Hikarikaze -Jonic's older sister
Aequnum: the balance between Jonic and Oblivion
Breaker Earthsoul - Renowned Veteran R.I.P
NCP02 "Beta" - The second Soundroid created by Nega

Oblivion Yamikaze- Jonic's worst enemy and dark counterpart
Doctor Edgar Cyrex - the derranged mutant creator
Bios 1 2 & 3 - Cold genetic killers. first two were destroyed and the third is still young and learning
Darkness the hedgehog - a former member of the I.B.S and Corruption demon from the waterian planet
Laufeia Yamiborn - Created by Yami's darkness using Yuri's body as a base.
Yuritwo the Altered Clone - A Cyrexian clone made from Yuri's D.N.A mixed with Lustwaterian D.N.A
Empress Dimensia - A Dimensional Dragon who resides in the void.

Aequnum the Ookami - The balanced part of Jonic and Oblivion
Karen Knight the Badger - An old veteran of the Vita Nova Institute

I.B.S 3000
NCPXP Theta - the last Soundroid* built by Nega C Payne
Heiner Sterncroft the Tiger - A former Marine and leader of the new I.B.S
Karei Gallen the Fox - A Technical wizz and daughter of Prof. Pere Gallen
P.I.P.S.L.E - Karei's robotic pet and great asset to the team

Mechanigan - A mysterious rouge mechanoid

* Ookami - Race of wolves created by the sun goddess Amaterasu they are a peaceful race who worship the goddess and they're relic the Sword of Shiranui. An Ookami has body marking's like the goddess and are known for using their spirits and auras a type of attack energy which in turn can be used for Elemental attacks/Magic

Soundroid -
Androids built by Nega C Payne, they can use sounds and music for combat only 11 models exist.

After the day of Cyrex Ookami have become endangered and very rare.
Character Birthdates -
Jonic - 19th Marth - Pisces
Jacob 7th Febuary - Aquarius
Nega - 10th May - Taurus
Optimus - 13th April - Aries
Lydia - 14th June - Gemini
Clair - 3rd January - Capricorn
Yuri - 12th December - Sagittarius
Oblivion - 28th March - Aries (Technically)
Laufeia - 1st November - Scorpio (Technically)
Cyrex - ??
Yuritwo - N/A (Date of Creation unknown)
Bios03 - N/A (Date of Creation unknown)
Darkness - 11th October - Libra
Aequnum - 21st March - Aries (Technically)
Breaker - 9th July- Cancer
Beta - DOC - 24th January
Dimensia - N/A
Karen - N/A

Youtube - Jonicthedgehog / Shoutparty
Sonic Fan Character Wiki - JonicOokami7…
Steam - Jonicwindthief7
Skype - Jonicthehedgehog1
Twitter - JonicOokami7
Facebook - Jonathan Ashe Larcombe…
Ask.FM - JonicOokami7

SFCW Pages -………………………

Races -…
Places -…

:icondmetrius96: - Inspiration Close friend and Shoutparty Head
:iconpeachrose: - Love of my life before, yet our paths split and led to part
:iconshadowblazelover: - A girl with a good head on her shoulders and talent
:iconchaoscontroler2: - difficulties and tension between us, but memories are strong

:icontherealmetalman: - A Loveable nutter
:iconaskambrosiarose: - someone who has my back
:iconcrusherkitty: - Always there for a laugh
:iconsigmaalphathree: - Like a Little sister to me

157 - Typhlosion by PokeStampsDex


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