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I love reading my watchers comments no matter what.

Any user i know slightly who asks for my sheet will be politely denied..
Any Random person who asks for my sprite sheet will be also politely denied

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Commision Examples and Fees by JonicOokami7

Line Art + Colouring - 10 Points
Line Art + Colouring + Shading - 13 Points
Line Art + Colouring + Shading + Background - 15 points
Extra Characters - 6 Points each
Sprites - 4 Points


If i were to get a large team (Spriters, Animators, Coders, Enemy design etc) Would you be interested in a true I.B.S RPG (Possibly Episodic to cover each character) 

5 deviants said Yes
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Its occurred to me that some faggots will just bash my my characters because they dont read anything besides the name.
Tue Jun 30, 2015, 8:18 AM
Ugh dont you hate artist block? sucks a big one doesnt it?
Fri May 15, 2015, 11:38 AM
Have alot of new ideas mostly around Nega and Darkness fans of these characters might like this.
Wed May 13, 2015, 9:45 AM
Its working lol
Wed Mar 18, 2015, 3:54 PM
Testing my new Shoutbox
Tue Mar 17, 2015, 8:08 AM


Jul 1, 2015
2:29 pm
Jul 1, 2015
9:49 am
Jul 1, 2015
4:49 am
Jun 28, 2015
8:17 am
Jun 28, 2015
7:58 am


So uh... FNAF4 was announced yesterday. While i can see peoples views to it spreading itself too thin, and how its barely been a Year and 3 games are out and a films in the works, while at the same time the games werent for everyone in the first place (Ive played the three games only really for the Lore since i am a very big Theory Hound, Id do Theories for Shoutparty if the concept wasnt already brutally done to death by 16 billion other tubers) so its kind of like non fans of something often say another franchise must die, (how many people have said Sonic should die when he hasnt eh? and he's nearly 25 years old!) 

Now... I dont consider myself A person everyone can get to like that well because i could be considered a bit of an idiotic bellend to some but hear me out here. In reality yes i do think Scott made us relax too early and threw the Announcement on us when Silent Hills was cancelled which was ironic and and a VERY bad move with the mob of Pissed off Silent Hill fans hanging around kind of like coming in fancy dress to a funeral, and with the film hanging around unless this announcement IS the film..

We still have that possibility besides the file name we cant say for sure this WILL be a FNAF 4 and not FNAF the Movie made out to be a replacement for FNAF4 Scotts always been the suprise made you look kind of developer and perhaps he's trying to wind people up with a game announcement (thats one for the WMG section...)

As for the new animatronic, People have called the thing Giygas Freddy or Nightmare Freddy (I myself called it Spring Freddy at first) I took one look at the thing and saw Preston from Wallace and Gromit halfway revealing his Robotic body. while it might be intimidating in the final game/film those little bastards around it unnerved me from the get go.

If it is a game im with the crowd who hope he really means it when it says Final Chapter (and not an unfortunate subtitle that gets shafted ala Friday the 13th.) 

On the Flipside of the coin. It was kind of inevitable since 3 did no effort to address the Bite of 87, the True origins or what truly happened to the Phone Guy, petty things i know but i think we're quickly jumping the gun way too fast, on calling it a Cash grab when its implied that this guy had the story thought out way before he started the first (and 20+ nights in one game sounds more tedious then fun if you ask me) and there have been references and name drops to things that still haven't been answered (Fredbear's family diner anyone?) heck evidence from Night 2 of FNAF3 mentiones "Freddy Fazbears Pizza" and not "Fredbears Family Diner" pretty much confirming Golden Freddy isnt Fredbear (Thanks Game Theory), which i and a few others think that that "Preston" as i jokingly call it is Fredbear. 

If the "Game" does stagnate and rot of Not Give a Fuck Syndrome then I get to eat my words with the brutal punch in the face of everyone for opening my Naysaying cake socket in the first place,

and if he DID carry on after the "Final Chapter" subtitle then not only would i be pissed off too so would everyone else.

Hell i would get pissed off if Game Freak announced Diamond and Pearl Remakes and this is coming from ME a massive Pokemon nerd who has played the series since Gen 1. i dont HATE Gen 4. i just think remakes are uneeded. Same with Fnaf going any further then 4. So im not fully defending Mr Cawthon who i hope knows when to stop himself.

I would also like to clarify that while i consider myself a Fan I myself was indifferent to this "Possible game" announcement. even holding ALOT of doubt in it along with the movie, you can only go so far until something rots after all but yet i have this itching paranoia that when i mention Titles like this im going to have people look down at me in disdain.

Personally i was fine with it ending with 3 sure there was still holes open but thats what theories are for arent they? but if there are loose ends to be tied then so be it... (only if you want to piss off your fans further by making even more after the established end)

on another note. 

that is all 
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Spiritual Mistress by JonicOokami7
Spiritual Mistress
An Old Legend of Vita Nova's institute returns from solitude, Her allegiance no one, Her Goals unknown, Her Title the Spiritual Mistress.

Name - Karen Knight
Age - Estimate Late 40's early 50's 
Species - Badger
Alignment - Neutral 
Occupation - Institute Soldier (Formerly), Dragoon 
Weapon - Soul Pierce 
Skills - Spiritual Burst, Master Dragoon skills, "Heavens Arrow"
Likes - The beauty of life, Reading novels, History 
Dislikes - People sucking up to her, Disorder, the constant wars on the islands.
Allies - N/A
Rivals - Clair Nightcutter Payne, Breaker Earthsoul 
Foes - The Cyrex Empire
Affiliations - Vita Nova Institute (Formerly), Anyone she feels the need to side with. 

Bio -
A Common girl on the streets of Vita Nova, Karen grew up wanting to be famous and strong so she could protect people, however other children often laughed at her dreams because of her female status.  

As she grew up Karen did her best to train harder taking up her Fathers weapon choice in Lances, but she was often knocked down easily, It is not really known what happened next but some say her emotional tract and determination to not give in activated and exposed her to the power of Spiritual Burst at such a young age.

Not knowing much about her power Karen began to study all she could find about Vita Nova's special power eventually learning all the ins and outs before becoming able to use Spiritual Burst almost flawlessly when she reached 17,  

It was through this Karen began to rise in strength and skill eventually being able to defeat those who brought her down before, These events allowed her to become recognised by the Vita Nova Institute where she enrolled at 19. 

Through Sweat and Blood she rose to her fame through the Vita Nova Institute becoming one of its top veterans at 23 years by combining her control of Spiritual Burst with her Families Dragoon arts, Her abilities soon earnt her the title of "Spiritual Mistress" which unfortunately began to make her very conceited and full of herself. 

Karen would often get into arguments and cross weapons with the young Breaker Earthsoul whom often tried to call out her haughtiness.
A majority of the Institute including Generals, and even the management were very acknowledged with this rivalry between the Spiritual Mistress and the Broken Hero that they were often put together in missions as a way to remedy this. 

While this brought them a bit closer in trust, Karen remained convinced she was really important and strong, this unfortunately resulted in an incident during a Mission between A gang known as the "Grieving Darts" in which she lost her left eye when she was 28 years old.

This incident shattered her self confidence resulting in isolation and depression, at that time she grew out her fringe to cover her scarred eye to hide her mistake from the world, all though it was still visible whenever she were to Spiritual Burst.

It was then apparent that Karen was emotionally unstable when she started to lose control of her own Trance Mode, One mission Karens spiritual burst went berserk and began to Rampage until Breaker came and defeated her. 

Karen Feeling lost and shattered felt like she had no worth after the incident her ideals were shattered, Breaker then told her that "Not everyone can succeed at their dreams, but if they want too they must keep going despite setbacks" which helped her ease herself into a much more refined and down to earth Persona, she used her knowledge and experience to encourage other first class soldiers to help them seek their dreams while also educating many about a Spiritual Burst and how she considers herself in a "Trance" one of the people she shared this with was a young Doctor Cyrex before his decent into insanity. 

Eventually the Legendary Day of Cyrex occurred and the institute was sent out on an APB to track down the deranged Doctor Cyrex which took several months with no result. 

3 years later During one trip home she came across a young girl who was sat all alone, Hoping to help Karen heard out the girls story learning that the child's home was destroyed and she was separated with her cousin. Karen putting the pieces together realised what she was talking about and decided to take her under her arm,

Karen eventually raised the child who revealed herself to be non other then Clair Nightcutter, It was through Karen's mothering that Clair would reach where she is at present.  

At 34 years of age Karen met with Breaker again only to learn that his wife was murdered and his "Son" vanished. Karen was horrified and shared that if Breaker needed any help that she would do so as either a friend or an old Rival. Breaker would then tell her that his "Legacy has been shattered" and that he will continue with that "Broken Legacy" 

After years of great service. Karen was promoted to a General at at 47 years which she continued to help train and raise troops with her great knowledge. 

Soon the War of Vita Nova occurred and while the side of Vita Nova fended off the one known as Oblivion, the Blood bath and death of Breaker set her off the edge eventually causing her to leave the institute and Vita Nova completely.

in 2015 Karen returned to Vita Nova with much more knowledge and skill then before, however she also became colder and secluded from those she knew including Clair herself.
It was then declared by Karen that she has allegiance to no one and that her goals only decide who she sides with. 
If i were to get a large team (Spriters, Animators, Coders, Enemy design etc) Would you be interested in a true I.B.S RPG (Possibly Episodic to cover each character)
5 deviants said Yes
2 deviants said -Comment-
No deviants said No
Feast of the Void by JonicOokami7
Feast of the Void
No one knows how long the void of dimensions has existed, nor do they know if there are various other versions of it like the many dimensions in our multiverse, But all worlds are doomed to perish at any point of their existence, just like us many human beings on the planet earth. 

Empress Dimensia (Last name could be Ouroboros not sure) has been the voids only known natural inhabitant, she takes deep pleasure of killing worlds both old and young and is filled with dark twisted spite to even attack a world that has not met its time, sometimes she will send avatars of her power to do damage to worlds, other times she will build  up Power for over a decade before feeding it into a black hole of her own will. She is as such a very cruel mistress who exists to destroy, devour, and dismantle. 

My 666th Deviation :party la: , while i wanted to do something over the top and demonic i wasnt going anywhere with it and it has been quite a while since i last drew Empress Dimensia. So i worked on this piece while concepting ideas for the character.
I did have the idea of giving her a second set of arms to expand her outer world build plus to differentiate her from Cyrex's Trance mode (which is simmilar in build minus the head and wings).
Happier Times by JonicOokami7
Happier Times
"Hey Cous? Do you remember way back then, back when we were just kids and could simply play and laugh without any sort of worry?"

"Yeah... I remember them well, Before Cyrex came and everything went to hell, We used to do everything together. Heh! those were much Happier Times." 

Nostalgic Cousins think back to a time where they were still young (Lydia 3 and Clair 5) to a time life was without death and sadness. Before the infamous Day of Cyrex eventually causing them to be placed in an Orphanage in Vita Nova City after being taken there by Breaker Earthsoul, the Hero of Vita Nova. 

This one was influenced by my desire to draw Clair while another side of me wanted to draw Lydia, but i compromised on the idea that i never really touched on their childhood much.
So after a bit of research for their clothing and the background (The Ookami were of a Japanese background with Amaterasu and all that) it came out pretty well when i think about it.  


Jonathon Ashe Larcombe
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
just a guy with a love for irn bru
with ideas

I.B.S (Original)
Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze the ookami* - the main guy
Jacob the pikachu - his first pokemon pal
Nega C Payne - the brainy and brawny austrailian bandicoot
Optimus Twat Kiefer - the pervert who is misunderstood and always comically beaten
Clair Nightcutter - Jonic's dedicated cousin and Nega's lovely wife
Yuri Violet - Jonic's Ex girlfriend
Lydia Hikarikaze -Jonic's older sister
Aequnum: the balance between Jonic and Oblivion
Breaker Earthsoul - Renowned Veteran R.I.P
NCP02 "Beta" - The second Soundroid created by Nega

Oblivion Yamikaze- Jonic's worst enemy and dark counterpart
Doctor Edgar Cyrex - the derranged mutant creator
Bios 1 2 & 3 - Cold genetic killers. first two were destroyed and the third is still young and learning
Darkness the hedgehog - a former member of the I.B.S and Corruption demon from the waterian planet
Laufeia Yamiborn - Created by Yami's darkness using Yuri's body as a base.
Yuritwo the Altered Clone - A Cyrexian clone made from Yuri's D.N.A mixed with Lustwaterian D.N.A

I.B.S 3000
NCPXP Theta - the last Soundroid* built by Nega C Payne
Heiner Sterncroft the Tiger - A former Marine and leader of the new I.B.S
Karei Gallen the Fox - A Technical wizz and daughter of Prof. Pere Gallen
P.I.P.S.L.E - Karei's robotic pet and great asset to the team

Mechanigan - A mysterious rouge mechanoid

* Ookami - Race of wolves created by the sun goddess Amaterasu they are a peaceful race who worship the goddess and they're relic the Sword of Shiranui. An Ookami has body marking's like the goddess and are known for using their spirits and auras a type of attack energy which in turn can be used for Elemental attacks/Magic

Soundroid -
Androids built by Nega C Payne, they can use sounds and music for combat only 11 models exist.

After the day of Cyrex Ookami have become endangered and very rare.
Character Birthdates -
Jonic - 19th Marth - Pisces
Jacob 7th Febuary - Aquarius
Nega - 10th May - Taurus
Optimus - 13th April - Aries
Lydia - 14th June - Gemini
Clair - 3rd January - Capricorn
Yuri - 12th December - Sagittarius
Oblivion - 28th March - Aries (Technically)
Laufeia - 1st November - Scorpio (Technically)
Cyrex - ??
Yuritwo - N/A (Date of Creation unknown)
Bios03 - N/A (Date of Creation unknown)
Darkness - 11th October - Libra
Aequnum - 21st March - Aries (Technically)
Breaker - 9th July- Cancer
Beta - DOC - 24th January

Youtube - Jonicthedgehog / Shoutparty
Sonic Fan Character Wiki - JonicOokami7
Steam - Jonicwindthief7
Skype - Jonicthehedgehog1
Twitter - JonicOokami7
Facebook - Jonathan Ashe Larcombe

SFCW Pages -………………………

Races -…
Places -…

:icondmetrius96: - Inspiration Close friend and Shoutparty Head
:iconpeachrose: - Love of my life before, yet our paths split and led to part
:iconshadowblazelover: - A girl with a good head on her shoulders and talent
:iconchaoscontroler2: - difficulties and tension between us, but memories are strong

:icontherealmetalman: - A Loveable nutter
:iconaskambrosiarose: - someone who has my back
:iconcrusherkitty: - Always there for a laugh
:iconsigmaalphathree: - Like a Little sister to me

157 - Typhlosion by PokeStampsDex


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Hey there joinc, how are things my friend?
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eh. suffering from Art block at the moment after my last work. Unsure which character to expand upon next. 
Absolhunter251 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I don't like art blocks, it gets the fun out of drawing sometimes.
hmmmm... Maybe a picture of jonic's parents or something? Just giving an idea. 
JonicOokami7 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I Kind of have something similar on that  which came to mind just now. 
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thanks i'm been trying to plan out this fight for part 4.
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